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New York’s Five Boros

AJS Construction Corp. - Construction | Westbury, NY

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Your home tells the world about you. Create a gorgeous living space with the help of AJS Construction Corp. We have over 3 decades of construction experience. We proudly serve Long Island-Suffolk & Nassau Counties, New York's Five Boros. Be it a new construction, an addition, or a smaller project, you just need to call us, and we will determine the best course of action. Services include electrical, water, sewer or anything that is needed on your property. There is no need to run to several different places - we can do it all.  

Enjoy a Beautiful and Affordable Home

- Excavation

- Foundation

- Metal framing

- Wooden framing

- Insulation

High-quality workmanship

Enhance your home with roofing, siding, plumbing, foundation and other services. Everything is always on time and within your budget. We will always exceed your expectations.

Cost-effective ways to transform your home

- Siding

- Roofing

- Brick work

- Stone work

- Tiling

- Dry wall

- Painting

- Electrical

- Plumbing


- Kitchens and bathrooms

- Concrete

- Doors and windows

- Gutters

- Stucco


Fully Licensed & Insured:  

Nassau Lic #H18G2930000 , Suffolk Lic # H-37446 , NYC Lic # 1153331